Musicstar® Learning | In School

MUSICSTAR® is your most cost-effective solution to providing music in school. With MUSICSTAR® you not only eliminate the high expense of acquiring and maintaining inventories of musical instruments, accessories and related class room resources, but you gain access to virtually unlimited musical resources and program variety. With MUSICSTAR® you not only eliminate the need for high payroll expenses for music instructional staff, but you gain access to a variety of certified teachers for a variety of different types of music programs at a fraction of the cost.

MUSICSTAR® programs are billed by the class hour. There are no hidden fees, no additional expenses. With MUSICSTAR® you can contract exactly for how many class hours and types of classes you wish. You are not limited by the instrument resources you had acquired. With MUSICSTAR® you can change programs anytime. You can have as many concurrent programs as you would like. You can stop anytime, without payroll and human resources benefit liabilities.

MUSICSTAR® is the most cost-effective and most flexible school music solution. From traditional band and orchestra programs to choir, guitar and rock band classes, MUSICSTAR® delivers unrivaled program variety, program quality and flexibility.

95% of parents want schools to provide music education (Gallup Poll, 2010). Find out how easy and affordable it is to keep music in school or bring school music back. Call us today at 888-673-2158.